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The Katong and Joo Chiat Trail takes you to the heart of one of Singapore's most treasured and beloved enclaves. Katong, is part of the Joo Chiat neighbourhood and centred on where Joo Chiat Road meets East Coast Road.

So Peranakan!

So Peranakan! of the Straits Chinese in Katong

Immerse yourself in the rich and colourful heritage of the Straits Chinese when you set foot in Katong, home to the Peranakans and historical centre of Joo Chiat. Strolling through the streets of this 1993 national heritage conservation area, there is a palpable olden day opulence and charm that is not replicable elsewhere on the island.

Perhaps the most iconic landmarks of this suburb are the rows of colourful two-storey shophouses and terrace houses dating back to the pre-war era. Here, you’ll find that subtlety has no place as ornate facades; intricate motifs and glossy ceramic tiles are plastered on every nook and cranny.

But of course, vibrant and over the top details are what the Peranakans do best, as evidenced by their flair for fashion. Play dress up and don a traditional Nonya outfit comprising a hand-sewn kebaya top, batik sarong skirt and beaded slippers. Don’t forget to accent your look with a silver belt and kerosang (kebaya pin) to pull your regal look together! If clothes aren’t your thing, then be sure to pop into one of the many family-run shops peddling authentic Peranakan wares and handicraft.

Be spoilt for choice when stopping for a meal as Katong is a culinary haven to many of the nation’s favourite delicacies such as Katong laksa, Nonya rice dumplings and other Peranakan eats lining its streets. Characteristically rich, savoury and fragrant, you'll have a hard time restraining yourself from getting seconds. Though, you might want to save stomach space some for Nonya Kueh for tea-time as this dessert is a Peranakan classic.

With so much to see, eat and do in Katong, why race against the hands of the clock when you can slumber the night away in the heart of it all. Recharge at Venue Hotel or Venue Hotel The Lily, two modern Peranakan-themed boutique hotels conveniently located along Joo Chiat Road and continue your explorations the morning after. Your feet will surely thank you for that after a day’s worth of walking!

Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee when you tuck into breakfast at one of the many old-world coffeeshops and pop into the nearby 112 Katong Shopping Mall after to catch a movie or for more retail therapy. Now, this sounds like an experience that is unmistakably So Peranakan!

Distance from hotel: Around hotel vicinity

East Coast Park

East Coast Park - 2.9km from Venue Hotel The Lily, Singapore most popular stretch of beach

The city’s most popular stretch of beach always buzzes with activity, even when it’s not playing host to the wide spectrum of sporting events that grace its shores regularly. There’s plenty to do here – bowl, bike, fish, stroll, picnic, rollerblade, windsurf, wakeboard, kayak, or just chill out at any of the many restaurants and bars that line the 15 km stretch of sandy beach. East Coast Park is also home to a new S$8 million dollar, world-class Xtreme Skate Park that looks all set to up the thrill seeking ante. The famous East Coast Park Seafood Centre located here is also where locals and visitors alike come together to indulge in local delights.

Distance from hotel: 2.9km

Click here to East Coast Park website

Former Joo Chiat Police Station now Katong Village

Former Joo Chiat Police Station now Katong Village - 1.1km from Venue Hotel The Lily, with its similar architechture to government building built around that time

The Police Station was built in 1928 to serve the burgeoning Joo Chiat community. The building's architecture is similar to many government buildings built at that time. It was said that Singapore's most infamous once frequented this former lock-up for triad gang members.

Distance from hotel: 1.1km

Conserved Terrace Houses off East Coast Road

Conserved Terrace Houses off East Coast Road - 0.95km from Venue Hotel The Lily, mixed of local architecture infused with Western influence

These single-storey terrace houses stand beside a former sea wall, near where the beach used to be before land was reclaimed. The living area was built on raised ground to protect against the rising tides. An eclectic mix of traditional local architecture, infused with Western influences, is seen in the elaborate fascia boards and decorative plaster motifs.

Distance from hotel: 0.95km

Church of the Holy Family

Church of the Holy Family - 1km from Venue Hotel The Lily, pre-Worl War II parish church

The Church of the Holy Family, a pre-World War II parish church, was a focal point for the Eurasian community of Katong. Its dates back to 1902 - the original chapel was built in 1923 and held the first Christmas mass in Katong in 1936. Today, it continues to serves the local Catholic community. Re-built in 1999, the front sculptures have been retained from the original church structure.

Distance from hotel: 1km

Katong Antique House

Katong Antique House - 1km from Venue Hotel The Lily, museum of Peranakan artefacts. A must visit

A veritable museum of Peranakan artefacts, the Katong Antique House showcases family heirlooms and antiques collected by its genial owner, Mr Peter Wee. An appointment with Peter will allow him to immerse you in stories from his grandfather’s days. Check out the intricately woven kasut manek (beaded slippers), charming furniture and wedding costumes from a unique culture.

Distance from hotel: 1km

Former Tay Buan Guan Shop, now Rumah Bebe

Former Tay Buan Guan Shop, now Rumah Bebe - 0.8km from Venue Hotel The Lily, with custom made kebaya or batik sarong

The faint TBG print on the shopfront of 113 East Coast Road is the only sign of its once bustling former occupant, the Tay Buan Guan department store. Established in 1948 by Tay Leck Teck, it stocked a range of products unavailable elsewhere, and was one of Singapore’s best-loved stores. This shophouse now houses Rumah Bebe (Bebe’s House), a Peranakan heritage store and museum. Try on a custom-made kebaya or a batik sarong, or catch a beading demonstration. Cooking classes and ready-to-cook spices are available for those who want to cook nonya-style meals back home.

Distance from hotel: 0.8km